HITIT X Side Step - Chrome


High quality, uniquely designed aluminum step, specially designed for Pick-Up, Large SUV and 4×4 vehicle models. It gives your vehicle a distinguished and dynamic appearance with its structure that integrates with the vehicle and its stylish design. It provides excellent step function and protection thanks to its wide step area and strong structure.
Step Width 148 mm
Step Height 100 mm
Capacity 200 kg
Package Size 20 x 23 x 175 / 195 / 215 cm

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  • The product consists of main body and modular connection legs. The main body consists of a specially designed monoblock copolymer plastic surface coated aluminum body, 304 quality stainless steel side surface and plastic step heads.
  • It is designed for models in the Pick-Up and large SUV & 4×4 group.
  • The molds of all the parts used in the step body are designed with an interlocking key lock system. Thanks to this system, all parts on the body come together securely and no screwing is done at any point, thus a very solid and superior visual main body is obtained.
  • 28 mm applied in mono block surface coating. The step wall provides wider step area and function by creating step depth. By integrating with the vehicle bumper skirt, it balances the vehicle's ground clearance in tall vehicles and provides an appearance that integrates with the vehicle.
  • Since the stainless steel side surface applied to the product is much more durable and stronger compared to aluminum surfaces, it provides durable and long-lasting protection and visual superiority against impacts and other external factors.
  • Modular connection legs are specially designed according to the original chassis holes of each vehicle. It is produced from a single piece of 6mm steel by laser cutting. All connection legs and screws are galvanized, eliminating the risk of oxidation.
  • There is a special clamp system on the mounting legs. Thanks to this system, the installation of the connection legs to the vehicle skirts is done without requiring any drilling.
  • Product installation is done through the vehicle's original chassis holes, without requiring any drilling, cutting or welding on the vehicle.
  • The stainless steel surface applied on the side surface of the product creates a strong structure and provides protection against impacts that may come from the bottom and side of the vehicle.
  • Production is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 and TUEV standards, within the framework of the criteria determined by the Ministry of Industry.
  • All our products have TSE-TIP approval certificate.